Rescue goat suffering from anxiety only calms down in her duck outfit

    Polly is a blind goat that was rescued by a non-profit group. She suffers severe anxiety and instantly feels better once her duck costume is on. (courtesy of @GoatsOfAnarchy | Twitter)

    Meet Polly, an adorable rescue goat who is blind and suffers from severe anxiety.

    Her owner Leanne Lauricella rescued the baby goat and says Polly suffers from neurological problems.

    Leanne says Polly would often run around and cry if she couldn't find her.

    Leanne says she purchased a duck costume from a store for Halloween, not expecting it to have such a profound effect on the anxious goat.

    As soon as she puts the costume on she goes completely chill.

    There’s something about that duck costume that calms her.

    As soon as I put it on her, she just instantly got calm”. She goes into a little trance. She just closes her eyes and she’s out.”

    Polly also wears other outfits as well which help her 'chillax.'

    For more information on Polly and how you can help these rescue goats visit:

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