'Pooping tom': Family catches peeper defecating in their yard


YUKON, Okla. (KOKH) - An Oklahoma family caught a prowler peeking in their windows in surveillance video and, what's worse, saw the man poop in their yard.

The family, who has asked not to be named, noticed something was wrong when the family dog came in the house covered in human feces.

"She had human poo all over her," they told KOKH.

So, they checked their security cameras and, sure enough, a strange man had been snooping around.

"Then we saw on video, clear as day, this person walking up, looking in our back door, checking our window," the family said.

Meanwhile the family slept inside, with two young children, ages 5 and 10. In the video, a man is seen looking through windows, then walking off camera, appearing to void himself, then continuing around the family's home.

"We are terrified, we actually, we don't even own this home," the family said. "We were leasing it while we sell our other house and so, our question is do we resign the lease? Do we move back into our other house? What are our options at this point?"

The family notified police. The video has now gone viral, as more neighbors are coming forward saying they, too, have had a man in their backyards.

If you recognize the man in that video, you're asked to call Yukon Police at 405-354-2553.

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