Caught on Camera: Man steals donation jar with money for child battling cancer

Authorities are searching for a suspect who stole a donation jar from Charlie's Convenience Store in New Bedford. (Police photo)

A donation jar containing about $300 meant for a child battling cancer was stolen from a New Bedford store.

Customers call it a heartless crime.

“It's an awful thing, especially around this time of the season,” Jason DeCosta told NBC 10 News Thursday.

Police are searching for the suspect and have clear surveillance video of the incident, which occurred Tuesday afternoon at Charlie's Convenience Store.

Footage shows a man park on the corner of Hemlock Avenue before going inside. The clerk said the man asked about scratch tickets and while distracting him, grabbed the jar.

The man then stuffed the jar in his coat.

At one point, the cameras show the man laughing with the clerk.

Customers said they often put money in the jar, which featured a sick child from Bangladesh.

“It had been here for over a month,” DeCosta said. “I've donated a few bucks here and there when I could.”

Authorities said there is a detective assigned to the case. The crime is considered a felony, as the jar contained more than $250, and can carry jail time.

“I think it's low and it really does hit my heart because I do have children and I know there are a lot of children in need,” DeCosta said. “I just think it's really low.”

The suspect was wearing a dark coat with a white sweatshirt, as well as a green hat.

Contact police if you have information about the incident or the suspect.

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