Police: Man robbed at gunpoint after agreeing to meet woman for sex through app

Dylan Buxton and Austin Badgett were arrested Dec. 20 on complaints of robbery with a firearm. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Two men were arrested after a trail of Cheetos led police to their door following a reported armed robbery.

The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that officers were called to an armed robbery around 4:30 a.m. Dec. 20 near SW 36 Street and Meta Avenue. Police met a man on scene who stated he had been texting with a woman he met on the "Meet Me" app.

The woman had indicated she wanted to have sex with the man and asked him to come to her house in the 3400 block of S. Parkview. The woman then told the man to bring two bags of Sour Patch Kids, two bags of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and a bottle of Pepsi.

The victim told police he drove to the home and discovered the address was not a good one. After messaging the woman, the man was told to go to a house north of the location. While walking towards the home, two men came out from behind a residence with their faces covered by bandannas. The men forced the victim to the ground and held him down while pointing pistols at him.

During the robbery, the men specifically asked the victim to give them the snacks and soda. The men also asked for money from the man, who had left his wallet in his truck. The suspects then followed the man back to his truck and stole over a hundred dollars from him. They then watched him drive from the scene.

Officers were sent to the location of the robbery. Officers noted in a police report that as if from a scene in "Hansel and Gretel" they found a trail of Flamin' Hot Cheetos leading to the front door of a home in the area. Police knocked on the front door of the home and when the door was opened, they observed items stolen in the robbery.

Police arrested two men found inside the home: 20-year-old Austin Badgett and 20-year-old Dylan Buxton on complaints of robbery with a firearm. A 17-year-old woman inside the home was also arrested on the same charge. Police believe she was the woman texting the victim.

All three were then booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

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