Officer responds to indecent exposure call by helping woman in need

When Lt. Marc Dopp arrived on scene, he found a woman sitting on a sidewalk near the intersection of Sunbury Road and Morse Road. She was wearing nothing but a coat. (Courtesy: Columbus Police)

A Columbus Police officer was praised for his work after responding to an indecent exposure call Wednesday morning.

Lt. Marc Dopp was heading into work when he heard about a woman wearing only a coat outside the Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Morse Road.

"I figured, 'well I'm right here at Morse and Sunbury, the Enterprise is just down the street, I'll just respond,'" Dopp said.

Dopp asked her if anything bad had happened to her and she said no. He then called another officer to join him in taking the woman to a nearby Goodwill store to buy her pants and a top.

"I didn't think anything twice about it," he said. "A person needs help. I have the means to do that. I know a place to go do it and I just did it."

The woman was then taken to a local hospital to get checked out. What Dopp didn't realize was that another woman in the parking lot snapped a picture of him helping her.

"He had no idea anyone was even watching him," said Codie, the woman who took the picture but asked not to use her last name. "He thought no one was around that he did something like that. I thought that was really honorable."

Codie sent the picture to Columbus Police to pay him a compliment. Dopp insisted he didn't do anything spectacular.

"Cameras are everywhere right?" Dopp said. "At the end of the day I think if we treat our citizens or we treat the public with respect, who cares if a camera is right behind me?"

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