Mom's tardy excuse for daughter's 'teenage-ism' goes viral

Mom's tardy excuse for daughter's 'teenage-ism' goes viral. (Courtesy Nicole Poppic Facebook)

It's not your typical explanation for being tardy: teenage-ism.

But one California mom's explanation of the "condition" in a letter about her daughter's tardiness has gone viral on Facebook.

According to a photo of the letter posted on Nicole Poppic's page, she says "This is what happens when you are tardy as a result of your own poor choices and you ask me for a note to excuse your tardiness."

The letter explains symptoms of "teenage-ism" as "multitudinous, but this particular morning, she suffered from an inability to remove herself from her bed, and also felt the need to talk back to her birth-giver."

"She seems to be recovering her senses after watching her cell phone fly out the car window," she continues.

"Please call me if there is another flare-up."

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