Watch: Mannequin challenge showing guns, standoff ends with police raid, arrests

A "mannequin challenge" video showing a group of people brandishing firearms -- frozen in a staged stand-off -- was enough evidence for police to launch an investigation and eventually a raid that ended with several arrests made and a number of guns and drugs seized.

More than 20 men were featured in the video holding guns big and small outside of a rural Alabama home about a month ago.

It's likely the men who shot the video weren't expecting it to be shared with police.

By Nov. 9, the Facebook video had been shared and re-posted online more than 85,000 times.

This week, Madison County Sheriff's investigators served a warrant at the home in Huntsville. Two men were arrested and an arsenal of firearms and ammunition were seized along with several bags of marijuana, according to

More arrests are expected, officials said.

Perhaps the mannequin challenge, which was one of the most talked-about and shared videos of 2016, would be best left to the likes of Taylor Swift, cute dogs and/or Destiny's Child.

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