Keys to keeping New Year’s Commitments

Keys to keeping New Year’s Commitments . (WPEC)

It’s hard to believe 2018 is just around the corner, and according to the statistics, nearly 60 percent of Americans have made a health-related resolution for in the year ahead. However, only 8 percent of people will keep them. Sonja Friend-Uhl, Personal Training Manager at Life Time shared tips to help keep your health commitments in 2018 and beyond.

What are the main reason why resolutions fail?

• Lack of time – There are countless people, priorities and screens fighting for our attention. Resolutions don’t happen on their own; we have to commit to prioritizing them.

• Willpower – Changing your habits isn’t something that happens overnight, and that’s OK. Don’t let a slip-up snowball into a setback. Forgive yourself and move forward.

• Motivation – Americans spend a majority of their time working, commuting and doing household or family-related chores; spare time is hard to come by.

Why do you think so many resolutions are set up to fail?

• So many New Year’s resolutions are the same: get healthy, lose weight, exercise more, eat better, but we never end up keeping them. Why? Most of us don’t take the time to choose the right goal for us and commit to it.

• With that in mind, experts suggest everyone to refrain from faulty resolutions and instead make a genuine commitment.

• Achieving optimal health requires the right professional coaching, strategy, products and commitment. To be successful, you must regularly assess progress and make adjustments to keep you moving forward.

What are the three keys to success for people to reach their New Year’s Commitments?

• Know it: Achieving fitness goals is more than just logging hours in a gym. Nutrition, stress, sleep and recovery all play a critical role. Understanding how your body works and what it needs is the first step in identifying the right goal to get you where you want to go.

• Nourish it: No health- or fitness-related goal can be achieved without properly fueling your body and understanding what kind of nutrients you need – and don’t need. If you’re not sure you’re getting the right nourishment in your diet, or what foods don’t work for you, it’s crucial to meet with a professional who can help you understand how to best nourish your body.

• Move it: It comes down to sweat equity. It’s easy to pick a number you want to see on the scale, but the amount of effort required to make it happen can be daunting, especially if you’re not seeing regular rewards along the way. You need the right motivation propelling you forward in order to silence the barriers between you and success.

So what exactly is Commit Day, and how can people participate?

• Taking place on January 1, Commitment Day is chance for the community to come together and commit to their 2018 health goals together.

• At 10am at the Lifetime Fitness Boca Raton location you can participate in a 5k fun run for the whole family. WPEC viewers can enjoy 30% off registration with the code ICOMMIT! Your ticket includes a T-shirt, race bib, 5K medal and brunch social after the run.

• To help people keep their New Year’s health commitments, all Life Time locations are hosting Commit to Fit events throughout January, where members and non-members alike are welcome to come learn from experts and check out the programming availble to keep you engaged and motivated!

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