If Trump wins, Canadian island to welcome Americans who want to 'get the hell out'

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Despite his recent win in the New Hampshire Republican primary and significant lead in Nevada and South Carolina CNN/ORC polls, these days it's not hard to find people who say they will move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president.

Fortunately for those planning to make good on that threat, Canada's Cape Breton Island is welcoming Americans with open arms--specifically in the event the billionaire businessman wins the November general election.

The website "Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins" is the brainchild of radio host Rob Calabrese of the island's 101.9 The GIANT. The site's homepage reads:

Hi Americans! Donald Trump may become the President of your country! If that happens, and you decide to get the hell out of there, might I suggest moving to Cape Breton Island!

The well-designed website--featuring brilliant photos detailing the Nova Scotia island's culinary offerings, cultural diversity, art and music festivals, institutions of higher learning, and quaint seaside homes--paints a convincing case to make the move. If you didn't know better, you might mistake it for the official Cape Breton Island tourism site designed by the Destination Cape Breton Association. The FAQ section assures visitors the invitation to would-be American refugees is "for real" and not a joke.

Mocking Trump's attitudes toward abortion, Muslim immigrants and border security, the homepage goes on to say:

Don't wait until Donald Trump is elected president to find somewhere else to live! Start now, that way, on election day, you just hop on a bus to start your new life in Cape Breton, where women can get abortions, Muslim people can roam freely, and the only 'walls' are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses.

Calabrese told Canada's CBC News a potential Trump presidency was "a scary possibility."

He added, "How he is able to inflame people and move people ... I definitely wouldn't want him as the leader of my country."

Citing "a bit of a population problem," the website insists Cape Breton Island is in need of new residents:

This is not a joke! See for yourself, you belong here with us on Cape Breton Island, where health care is free, you know your neighbours and they look out for you, and nobody has a hand gun!


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