How the solar eclipse impacts the zodiac signs

How the solar eclipse impacts the zodiac signs. (WPEC)

Solar eclipses are very powerful. The sun represents our ego, and the moon represents our soul urges. During a solar eclipse, the moon blocks out the light of the sun, forcing the issues of the soul to come to the surface.

When the solar eclipse is in the sign of Leo, energy builds up and must be released like a pressure cooker. Tempers also build, and people crave and feel compelled to act out their passions.

Leo rules kings, leaders, the stock market, celebrities, sports figures, nuclear energy, hot romance and our children. All of those areas of life will be demanding our attention. We can see changes in politics, new pop idol or sports figure getting the spotlight, advances or changes in nuclear energy, more focus on global warming and big fluctuations in the stock market.

Individual zodiac signs will experience the eclipse differently, effects lasting six months or more:

ARIES may start or end a passionate love affair, decide to get married (or divorced) start a family or spend big money on a new hobby, exciting vacation or gamble.

TAURUS will focus on matters close to home, buying, selling, constructing or improving property. They may start a home-based business and deal with close family issues.

GEMINI will experience a very pleasant eclipse. Community and civic affairs get their attention. Good time for self-improvement, buying vehicles, upgrading electronics and reconnecting with siblings and cousins. Definitely leaving the past or outdated ideas behind.

CANCER feel this eclipse in their pocketbooks. Money comes in or goes out big-time. Money will be spent on food, kitchen remodeling, cooking tools or classes.

LEO are making dramatic changes to how the world perceives them. They are getting the joy back into their lives. Money spent on improving personal appearance and making social connections.

VIRGO are re-evaluating their life's path, clearing away jealousy or greed issues. Secret love affairs are exposed. It's a good time to get involved with helping others. Stay positive!

LIBRA will be focusing on friendships and popularity. Joining clubs, organizations or teaming up at work. You may be asked to help out with other people's children.

SCORPIO experience this eclipse as all about the job. They need to advance or make a change. Power issues with bosses, landlords or parents get straightened out. Be a leader!

SAGITARIUS get a new lease on life! They balance work and family, make travel plans, learn a language and become more spiritually involved. You may be asked to teach or coach.

CAPRICORN are finding new creative ways to make money. Loans, inheritance, settlements, profit-sharing, taxes and self-employment opportunities come up.

AQUARIAN are improving personal relationships. Business partnerships may begin or end. A spouse or close friend needs your support and advice. Legal struggles end.

PISCES will be focusing on jobs, pets, daily activities/routines, responsibilities (delegate) their health and personal habits. It's important not to neglect any health issue.

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