Debate celebrity Ken Bone selling T-shirts; invites fans to the 'BoneZone'

Ken Bone knows how to ride the wave of his "fake celebrity" status. (CNN Newsource)

Ken Bone is making the most out of his 15 minutes of fame.

Bone became an overnight, online celebrity after fumbling a question during the last presidential debate. His charming flub and genuine demeanor have made him a hero on the Internet.

And the best part? He knows it and he knows how to work it.

In the days following the debate, social media posts featuring Bone's appearance flourished. The bespectacled, undecided voter with the neatly trimmed mustache was heralded by many as "the real debate winner."

Now he's apparently looking to cash-in his time in the national spotlight by participating in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) forum scheduled for Thursday night and, most recently, by selling shirts with his likeness emblazoned on the front.

The shirts are going for $19.99 for the t-shirt or $34.99 for a sweatshirt and are only available for one week. They are available in four colors: black, midnight navy, red and white

The artwork on the front of the shirt shows Bone's face printed in the style of artist Shepard Fairey, who produced the now-iconic painting of President Obama's "Hope" portrait.

"I don’t believe in political parties, I just believe in parties," the legend says.

Although Bone says he remains undecided, perhaps the shirt is a clue as to which way he plans to vote in November.

If that weren't enough, he also appears to be shilling for Uber's new service uberSELECT. The company is offering $20 off a user's first ride with the promotional code "KENBONE."

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