Cars parked on not-so-frozen lake at winter festival fall through ice

About a dozen cars were damaged after falling through a not-so-frozen lake in Wisconsin. (VIDEO: Eric Hill / Instagram)

It's not uncommon for Wisconsinites to park their cars on ice. Ice fishing is a popular past-time after all.

But it's unclear why dozens of drivers parked their cars on Geneva Bay when temperatures ticked upward of 32 degrees.

About a dozen cars (of the 40 or so parked on the ice) sank into the bay Saturday during Lake Geneva's Winterfest celebration.

I'm not sure why so many cars parked in that one spot," Eric Hill, a festival attendee, said. "I hate to say it was funny, but it's certainly ridiculous."

Five of the cars that fell through the ice were able to be driven away, according to local reports.

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