Act of kindness towards homeless man goes viral

The video of a man giving his coat to a homeless man outside The Summit has been viewed more than 700,000 times. (

The video of a stranger giving a homeless man the coat off his back has gone viral.

The video was shot outside The Summit over the weekend when the region was dealing with frigid temperatures. The video begins with the stranger giving his coat. He can then be heard offering to buy food for the homeless man as he walks back to his car.

By Monday evening the original post on Facebook had been viewed more than 713,000 times.

Many who watched the video have called it inspiring.

"It's always heartwarming to see people do the right thing. You know I think so often people just get caught up in the business of the day you pass someone like that by and you can become very cynical. So when you see someone do the right thing it does warm your heart and makes you feel really good," said Vestavia Hills resident Mark Sanda after watching the video.

One person who was not surprised by the video was Jim Hickson.

"People have done that stuff around here all the time," said Hickson, who has been homeless in Birmingham for 14 years. "I got this one right here like two days before Christmas. Lady from whoever, CSX jacket, it's water proof, it's warm. Best jacket. I tossed my other one."

Hickson said the character of people like the Good Samaritan in the viral video get him through each and every day.

"Well since I've been homeless I've been more blessed out here then when I had a job and the bells and everything else."

Briana Rose DiGiorgio, who posted the original video told ABC 33/40 News she did not know the identity of the Good Samaritan. ABC 33/40 News is working to confirm reports of his identity on social media.

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