Utah electors harassed in Hail Mary attempt to elect Clinton

Utah electors harassed in Hail Mary attempt to elect Clinton (File photo: MGN)

(KUTV) Donald Trump won't officially be the next president of the United States Of America until the electoral college votes three weeks from now.

In the meantime, electors nationwide are getting bombarded with phone calls, texts and emails asking them to change their vote and elect Hillary Clinton.

Here in Utah, electors are “being bombarded with emails saying you can't vote for Trump.”

Utah’s Republican party electors — Cherilyn Eagar, Kris Kimball, Jeremy Jenkins, Peter Greathouse, Chia-Chi Teng and Richard Snelgrove — have all been bombarded.

Utah has six electors representing each Senate and Congressional seat in the state. Grass roots groups are blowing up electors phones and email accounts with pleas for them to vote for Clinton, who is now ahead in the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes.

“I have had electors reach out to me about the statute saying do I have to vote for Trump?” said James Evans, Utah’s Republican Party Chairman.

He said he's spoken to all six of Utah electors in an effort to clear up confusion.

Change.Org and other groups are actively pushing for an uprising among electors to switch their vote from Trump to Clinton. Change.Org has gathered more than 4 million signatures to date of people hoping this far-fetched scenario will happen.

“There has been an effort to try and confuse the electoral college voting process,” Evans said.

Evans said electors are picked during each election cycle, and they don’t always understand the process.

Electors in Utah are bound by election results, but half the states in the nation allow electors to change their vote.

The chances of this happening is small, but Clinton could still be elected on Dec. 19 by the electoral college.

It would require more than 20 electors changing their vote, which some say is, at best, an unlikely scenario.

“By law, our electors have to vote for Trump," Evans said. "And if they don't, they are immediately disqualified.”

Evans said Utah’s statute requires electors to remain faithful to the state’s election results.

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Evans said he has spoken to the state's Elections Office and has promised to be prepared for anything on Dec. 19.

"We will have provisions in place to make sure Mr. Trump receives all six electoral votes,” he said.

Democrats, Republicans and all other parties nominate electors at state conventions. With each position, there are numerous alternates selected. If an elector in Utah goes rogue, there will be an alternate standing by to take their place.

It is also important to note that electors nationwide are not easily dissuaded — they are known as party loyalists, and they will not easily be dissuaded.

"We are well-behaved as a state and are known for being prepared,” he said.

He doesn’t expect any issues in Utah on Dec. 19th, but doesn’t rule out problems across the country, saying “At least in other states, there is the potential for disruption. I don't think it will happen here.”

Hillary Clinton officially conceded the election to Donald Trump — who won the electoral college 290-232. Only 270 votes are needed to win. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are, however, still facing possible recounts.

Electors meet at the state capitol on Dec. 19. The time has not yet been set, but the meeting will be open to the public. State elections will likely have extra security in place in case protesters try to impede the process.

Here is a comprehensive list of Utah’s electors, who were voted and elected within each party, or chosen by the candidate. Because Trump was declared the winner in Utah, only the Republican electors will be used in the 2016 election cycle.

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Republican Party

  • Cherilyn Eagar
  • Kris Kimball
  • Jeremy Jenkins
  • Peter Greathouse
  • Chia-Chi Teng
  • Richard Snelgrove

Democratic Party

  • Peter Corroon
  • Breanne Miller
  • Charles Stormont
  • Jenny Wilson
  • Patrice Arent
  • Lauren Littlefield
  • Kellen Mullen

Evan McMullin (Unaffiliated)

  • Brian Derk Henderson
  • Peter Simmons Watkins
  • Christopher Marc Kirkland
  • Melanie Weeks Kirkland
  • Becky Rasmussen
  • Reed Willis Farnsworth
  • Jonathan Hales Hoagland (alternate)
  • Miles Lewis Gillette (alternate)

Alyson Kennedy (Unaffiliated)

  • Karen M Zalesskiy Stockert
  • John P. Langford
  • Christopher D Horner
  • Elvena E. Brady
  • Patricia Barker
  • Peter Brandli

Constitution Party

  • Adam Toone
  • Valerie Fauver
  • Brian Knox
  • Cassie Easley
  • Dwayne A Vance
  • Bauni Nilson
  • Jeff T. Orme (alternate)
  • Reed A. Miller (alternate)

Independent American Party

  • Nihla Judd
  • Patricia Kent
  • Jared Kenneth Beck
  • Michael IsBell
  • Hal Massey
  • Gregory C Duerden

Libertarian Party

  • J. Robert Latham
  • David Raine
  • Denise Cox
  • Chris Sanders
  • Caryn Terres
  • Kevin Bryan

"Rocky" Roque De La Fuente (Unaffiliated)

  • Timothy Bath
  • Shae Bath
  • Alexander Bath
  • Tami Hess
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