Trump supporters, Juggalos to converge on National Mall Saturday

Vehicles line up beneath the Washington Monument as organizers set up for the Mother of all Rallies, scheduled for Sep. 16, 2017. (WJLA)

Officials in the nation’s capital are girding themselves for what could be a very long, chaotic day on Saturday.

Two large rallies are planned on the National Mall that promise to draw large and passionate crowds with divergent political views.

Supporters of President Donald Trump have organized what they have dubbed “the Mother of All Rallies.”

Scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., the group is gathering to “demand protection for traditional American culture while they express their love for the United States and the America First agenda,” according to the rally’s website.

Speakers, bands, and panel discussions are lined up to take the stage throughout the day.

“Our goal is to rally 1 million patriots to Washington DC to send a shock-wave message to the world that they have to go through us to take this country or change its culture,” states the event’s Facebook page.

According to WJLA, organizers estimate about 5,000 people will attend.

Meanwhile, about 3,000 supporters of the band Insane Clown Posse are expected to come together to protest the FBI’s 2011 decision to designate “Juggalos,” as they call themselves, as a “loosely organized hybrid gang.”

“As many of you are no doubt personally aware, the FBI’s inclusion of Juggalos as a ‘gang’ has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of people subjected to various forms of discrimination, harassment, and profiling simply for identifying as a Juggalo,” the Juggalo March website explains. “Over the past five years, our legal team has heard testimonies and reports from Juggalos all over the nation who have lost custody of their children, been fired from jobs, denied access into the armed forces, and the most common consequence — being officially labeled as a gang member by law enforcement agencies for wearing Juggalo related clothing or brandishing one or more Juggalo tattoos.”

They are planning a number of live performances, speeches, and “Juggalo testimonies” between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. Any patriotic Americans who support freedom and oppose discrimination are ostensibly invited to attend.

Organizers of both events say they intend to demonstrate peacefully. Clashes between pro-Trump rallies and other groups have devolved into violence before, though, and law enforcement is reportedly concerned about the potential for trouble.

In theory, the groups will be gathering on opposite ends of the Mall, with the Trump supporters near the Washington Monument and the Juggalos by the Lincoln Memorial. According to its website, though, the route for the Juggalo March itself, scheduled for 4 p.m., does circle the Washington Monument.

A half-marathon, street festivals, and multiple weddings will also attract crowds to downtown DC on Saturday.

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