Travelers modify plans under winter storm warning, officials prepare

Travelers modify plans under Winter Storm Warning, officials prepare (ABC7)

With a winter storm warning in effect, people are adjusting their schedules to prepare.

“They say a huge storm is coming to Chicago and here and we’re like…get out of dodge,” said Leslie Ambrose.

Ambrose and Karen Ohlenkamp decided to rebook their flights on Sunday, to avoid potential cancellations due to the weather.

“I got up early this morning, I saw there were storms coming. And I said…“we better get on an earlier flight,” said Ohlenkamp.

“We’ll be here till Thursday, so hopefully it will blow over,” said Ambrose.

As the winter storm warning expanded Sunday, shoppers in Arlington were also preparing for interruptions during the work and school week.

“We got the makings for spaghetti meat sauce, so we’ll have at least one good meal,” said Sara Shapiro.

“We’re getting all the staples. We’re getting extra eggs. We’re getting everything that our four children will want, if we’re down for two or three days because of the snow,” said David Rehr. “We want our kids in school, but if it’s not safe…we want them home and if they are home, they are probably playing games and reading and doing other fun stuff.”

Click here to read the latest statement from the Mayor’s office on preparations underway.

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