Thief steals family dog in Texas home break-in

Bixby, a Staffordshire Bull Terreir, is black-brindle and has a white-spotted chest. He weighs about 40-pounds. (WOAI)

BOERNE, Texas (WOAI) - Proud new parents Ramin and Kadigja Gibbs were looking forward to celebrating their son’s first Christmas this year, but celebrations were canceled after a major home break-in. On Wednesday, a thief stole their Christmas presents, electronics, jewelry and the family dog, Bixby.

"I am frustrated and extremely sad," said owner Kadigja Gibbs. "This is not how we thought of Christmas at all."

The family was only gone for about an hour, picking up a loved one at the airport when someone broke their backdoor open and got in.

"Before my wife's mom passed she left her a lot of jewelry. That was all taken and that's sentimental value. You can't really replace that," said Ramin Gibbs.

Gibbs estimates more than $12,000 in property was stolen, but the family’s main concern is getting their dog back.

"Really the thing that we've been praying for is just a Christmas miracle," said Ramin Gibbs. "We want our dog back. We want Bixby back at home"

Bixby, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is black-brindle and has a white-spotted chest. He weighs about 40 pounds.

"Our mind is set on one only thing," Kadigja Gibbs said, "getting the dog back ... or finding it." She said since Wednesday, the family hasn't rested in their search.

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