Teen says NYPD detectives took her into custody and raped her

Teen alleges NYPD detectives took her into custody and raped her (Photo: MGN)

(KUTV) Two NYPD detectives are on desk duty after a Brooklyn teen claims they took her into custody on a drug charge and then raped her.

The 18-year-old woman's claims have launched two investigations, one by the New York Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau and other by the Brooklyn district attorney's office, according to the New York Daily News.

No arrests have been made. The officers have been stripped of their guns and badges according to the newspaper.

“She’s an emotional wreck,” the girl’s attorney, Michael David, told a New York CBS reporter. He said the girl was raped, in handcuffs, inside a police van by the plain-clothes detectives.

The rape alledgedly happened Sept. 15. The CBS station said the officers confronted the teen, in a car with two friends at a Brooklyn park. According to the girl's attorney, the detectives told the friends to leave and focused on the girl.

The New York Times wrote that the detectives made her lift her shirt when the occupants of the car were searched for drugs. David said they told the girl they wanted to make sure there was nothing under her shirt. She did as requested and told them she wasn't hiding anything.

Immediately after, she was allegedly taken away for about 45 minutes, constrained the entire time by Brooklyn South Narcotics Detectives Edward Martins and Richard Hall.

Articles state the detectives searched those in the car for drugs. Her lawyer said police instructed the girl to lift her shirt to make sure she didn't have anything under it, David said, recounting his client’s account.

“She was petrified, so she showed it. She said, ‘See, I’m not hiding anything.’”

The detectives are alledged to have driven the girl to a Chipotle parking lot a couple of blocks away from the 60th Precinct office and forced her to perform a sex act on both men before one of them raped her.

The New York Daily News cites a high-ranking police source who said police internal affairs investigators had not yet interviewed the detectives but said the accused told colleagues the sex was consensual.

The girl's attorney is outraged by those claims.

“She’s being brutalized twice here. First they rape her, she’s kidnapped, she’s raped and she’s thrown into the street. Then they go ahead and victimize her again by saying it was consensual,” David said.

The victim has tweeted about the incident, including news stories and claiming that the stories are about her. She is known on Twitter as @annaaachambers.

“She just wants everybody to know it’s an absolute lie,” David said. “She was viciously, brutally raped in handcuffs.’’

One of the friends, with her on the night of the arrest, later found her near the 60th Precinct. She is said to have told the friend about the rape. The friend took the girl to her parents, who rushed her to a hospital for an exam. Doctors found signs of sexual assault and called police, triggering the two investigations. The rape kit will be tested for DNA.

The two narcotics detectives were with their supervisor on Sept. 14, on what the Daily News called a buy-and-bust operation. They drove off in the unmarked van for reasons that aren't clear. The alleged rape took place while they were away, finding the car with the victim and her two friends. The supervisor is also on desk duty, stripped of his gun and badge.

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