Team that helped with Harvey recovery takes on Head of the Hooch

Members of the Parati Competitive Rowing team cleared dry wall and carpets from flooded houses in the Houston area. (Image: Parati Competitive Rowing)

This weekend, thousands of rowers from all over the United States came to Chattanooga for the Head of the Hooch.

The sunny skies and sparkling water teams experienced Saturday was a big contrast to what Parati Competitive Rowing dealt with just over two months ago.

"We came from the Woodlands, Texas," said Mike Rosman, Parati Head Coach. "Just north of Houston."

Harvey and its flooding ravaged that area.

"We had quite a few neighbors that were flooded," said Rosman. "A lot of our rowers were good samaritans. They helped out. They pulled up the carpeting, the sheet rock, it was a mess."

Rosman says when the team helped relief and recovery efforts they had to sacrifice practice.

"We missed a lot of training," said Rosman. "We probably missed almost a couple weeks of training."

Although they were so close to the big races at the head of the Hooch, the teams says it was worth it.

"I just worked out at home," said Andre Sheloum. "I wasn't that worried about that. I was more worried about my friends and family."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott requested $61 billion in federal funds to repair infrastructure after Harvey. The last shelter closed a week ago, but more than 800 thousand Texans applied for individual assistance from FEMA. These rowers say they're proud to have helped their community members in such dire need.

"Communities should come together," said rower Kory Rogers. "It was really sad. It wasn't good to see. No one should really go through that."

Coach Rosman says there are 50 rowers on the team, and he expects them to perform well this weekend.

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