Live: Students nationwide lead walkouts protesting President-elect Trump

Students walking out of Central Academy in Des Moines protesting the presidential election results. (Photo: Steffi Lee, CBS2/FOX28)

Students at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, staged a protest against President-elect Donald Trump Monday morning.

Hundreds of students walked out of class and into the streets around 10:30 a.m.

Some students held signs as they left the school for the football field. They walked past the field and into the streets.

The school has yet to comment on the incident.

The marches in Washington D.C. led by high school students are in line with nationwide demonstrations against a Trump presidency

At the other end of the country, Washington State students announced similar plans to stage walkout protests Monday.

They say they're concerned about Trump's stances on immigration and religion going forward, reports KOMO News.

Seattle school district officials released a statement on these planned protests last week, saying in part: "We are committed to building school communities where all students, families and staff are safe. We will not tolerate bullying, intimidation or any other actions that advance prejudice or bigotry."

In California, students from James A. Garfield High School in Los Angeles walked out of school to protest President-elect Trump. Watch the video above to see for yourself.

Meanwhile, students in Portland, Oregon were informed by schools system administrators there absences for participating in protests would not be excused, according to KATU News.

Portland has for the last week been one of, if not the most active city demonstrating disdain following Trump's shock victory.

Scores of protesters have been arrested in Portland over the last five days. Officials said peaceful marches turned to riots that caused a $1 million in damage. On Friday, tear gas and flash bangs were needed to subdue unrest.

This story will be updated.

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