Siskiyou County mother found dead, four children are left behind

Katrina Leigh Eblen (Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office)

A Siskiyou County mother was found dead in Montague Tuesday night and has left four children behind.

Siskiyou County Sheriff, Jon Lopey says, 24 year old Katrina Eblen has been missing for over a week.

Eblen has two sets of twins, one of which has a birthday this weekend.

Sheriff Lopey says the children are being taken care of by family members at the moment.

"I'm sure some permanent arrangement will be coordinated through the county and those family members in the near future." Lopey said.

A friend of the victim says if anyone wants to help out the children, a donation can be left at the Siskiyou News.

Sheriff Jon Lopey says, the suspect, 26 year old Jere Ramey, has been arrested and is in custody.

"Now we're doing some investigative followup to differ up the case so the Siskiyou County District Attorney will have a good chance of prosecuting Mr. Ramey for murder," Sheriff Lopey said.

When Eblen went missing, News10 actually spoke with the suspect before he was arrested. Ramey gave us his favorite photo of Katrina, along with a missing person flyer of her.

Sheriff Lopey says the victim and the suspect had a prior relationship.

He says Eblen's body was found in a hidden rural area.

Lopey says an autopsy will be performed this week to find out exactly how Eblen died.

"It's just a huge loss for the whole community and our heart goes out to her and obviously our thoughts and prayers."

Ramey is scheduled to be arraigned within the next 48-hours. His bail is set at $1,000,000.00.

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