Reports detail suspected church gunman's past with domestic disturbance, suicidal thoughts

(Metro Police photo)

Murfreesboro Police reports detail the alleged Antioch church shooter's past with domestic disturbances and suicidal thoughts.

Emanuel Samson, 25, is charged with murder in the Sunday shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, which killed one and injured six others.

According to reports released by Mufreesboro Police, officers were called to a home in connection to a domestic disturbance after Samson and his girlfriend had reportedly gotten into an argument. At one point, the reports say Samson punched a TV, causing injury to his hand. When Samson's girlfriend tried to walk out of the room, the report says he demanded she talk to him. Samson is also accused of taking her phone during the incident. The girlfriend was able to call police from a neighbor's phone. Samson refused medical treatment for his hand and his girlfriend declined to get a warrant for vandalism.

A few months later in March 2017, officers were again called to a domestic disturbance involving Samson and his now ex-girlfriend (same person involved in January incident). Samson told police he and the woman had broken up and he was trying to stop all contact with her, but she showed up at his residence and started banging on the door. Samson tried telling her to leave and a struggle ensued over the door. Samson told police he was fearful because his ex-girlfriend had struck him in the past. Samson told police there was no assault or threats made. The ex-girlfriend told police it was actually Samson who told her to come to his residence because she had left some of her things there. Police were able to get Samson's ex-girlfriend out of his apartment and advised her not to return.

In June 2017, Murfreesboro Police responded after Samson's dad said his son had suicidal thoughts. According to the report, Samson's father received a text stating "your phone is off, I have a gun to my head, have a nice (expletive) life." Murfreesboro Police tried to contact Samson but were unable. His phone was pinged to 1400 Donelson Pike in Nashville. Metro Police were notified and Samson was entered into the National Crime Information Center, or NCIC.

Right now, Samson is being held in a maximum security facility.

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