Three bodies found near shed in Canyon County, deputies say no threat to public

Police investigating homicide after three people found dead in Caldwell home

Deputies are investigating a possible triple homicide after three people were found dead in a home in Caldwell.

The deputies found the bodies when they were preforming a welfare check of the home on KCID Road near highway 20/26. The Canyon County Deputy Chief tells KBOI 2News that the victims were out of plain sight, and believes they were hidden. He also tells KBOI that the bodies seemed to have been there for at least three days, as they had begun to decompose.

Deputies say the bodies were found next to a shed in the yard of the home. All three bodies were covered and laid side by side. The bodies were in such a state of decomposition that the coroner has not yet been able to tell even the age or gender of the victims.

"We've not been able to determine the gender of the bodies, let alone a positive identification of who the deceased are," said Marv Dashiell, Chief Deputy of Canyon County Sheriff's office.

Deputies do say there is no immediate danger to the public.

"There's nothing to make us believe that there is a threat immediately to anyone else in the neighborhood," said Dashiell.

Right now, there is no ID for the victims. It will be about two days before the bodies are identified, because the coroner will most likely need to use dental records because of the decomposition of the bodies.

One man who lives just one door over from the house the bodies were found says the assurance of no immediate threat isn't doing much to put his mind at ease.

"You think you're more than an armslength away from the violence, but it hit home right next door today," said David Tutwiler, the man who lives near the home.

Another neighbor mentioned she heard a screaming sound around one in the morning about two weeks ago, but didn't call the police because she thought it could possibly be an animal.

Animals are being taken off of the property, but there is no word on the type of animal or if they are alive.

Police will hold a press conference at 11:15 Wednesday morning to provide more information about the triple homicide. KBOI will stream the conference live on facebook and will have reporters live on scene.

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