Picasso the dog undergoes successful dental surgery

Picasso the dog had surgery Thursday to remove a tooth that was causing him discomfort. Luvable Dog Rescue said the surgery went well. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene dog named Picasso, who became famous for his crooked snout, is recovering after dental surgery Thursday.

A veterinarian removed Picasso’s upper left canine at Edgewood Animal Clinic.

Picasso’s veterinarian and owner of Edgewood Animal Clinic, Jason Kimball, said Picasso’s jaw was twisted at birth. His deformed snout caused the tooth to dig into the lower part of his mouth, which was the only discomforting part of his deformity.

The internet-famous dog and his brother, Pablo, both believed to be Pitbull-Corgi mixes, are temporarily staying at Luvable Dog Rescue until they find a permanent home.

Thanks to community donations, the Eugene shelter took care of Picasso’s surgery costs, which were estimated to be about $1,000.

Although the short procedure only took about 30 minutes, Picasso was getting many offers for help.

"We had some wonderful offers from doctors actually around the world offering to do this procedure for Picasso, but since we think it is a fairly straight forward procedure and we love our local vet, we thought we'd like to keep him near home to have this done,” said Liesl Wilhardt Executive Director of Luvable Dog Rescue.

While at the vet, Picasso also received a teeth cleaning and an X-ray of his face and head to make sure he has no undetected health issues.

Wilhardt said she is grateful for the extra love and care Edgewood Animal Clinic gives to their many rescued pets.

Just like Picasso’s medical care is kept local, Wilhardt has the same idea for when it's time to find Picasso a home. Luvable Dog Rescue's goal is to keep Picasso and his brother together and in Eugene, despite the outpouring of interest from families all over the world.

Wilhardt said once she narrows down a handful of candidate families, she will ultimately let the dogs choose which family they like best.

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