2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car

Family photo

Columbus police said a young girl died after being struck by a car just after 6:30 Sunday evening in the two thousand block of Howey Road in Linden.

Family members said the two-year old girl was playing in the driveway of her home when a family friend pulled in and hit her.

"I was standing on the front porch and I could see a little bit of him and I yelled at him to stop but I guess he couldn't hear me and it was too late" said William Venuto, the child's grandfather.

Detectives said the child was taken by paramedics to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where she later died.

"I grabbed her from underneath the car and started CPR, me and the neighbors she was doing chest compressions and I was giving her air" said William Venuto, the girl's uncle.

Loved ones think the death was an accident and said they forgave the driver.

Columbus Police said no charges had been filed.

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