Maine students with family in Mexico devastated by earthquake news

This is the worst natural disaster in Mexico since the 1985 earthquake.

SACO (WGME) – Two Maine students, with family in Mexico City, are devastated by the news of a deadly earthquake in the region.

Rodrigo Nava is a high school junior at Thornton Academy. He was on campus when he learned of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake Tuesday.

"You just wake up one day and you see the news that your whole country has been demolished," Nava said.

This is the worst natural disaster in Mexico since the 1985 earthquake.

Video was taken from the office where Rodrigo's father works.

"You can actually see all the demolished buildings and the smoke,” Nava said. “So it's pretty bad."

The death toll is now in the hundreds with many more missing, including a girl Rodrigo knows.

"In my case, I have a friend,” Nava said. “His girlfriend, who is my friend, too, has not been found yet."

Rodrigo says everyone in his family is OK.

So is the family of Valentina Flores, whose extended family lives in Mexico City.

"Most of all the buildings collapsed," Flores said.

She says families whose homes are still standing are opening their doors to those whose homes collapsed.

"Everyone's houses are inviting people to come in, so Mexico now is really standing for each other,” Flores said. “It's like something that, I don't know, gives me a lot of hope."

Valentina says she and the other students from Mexico all wanted to leave school and return home to help, but their parents told them not to.

"I feel powerless, because I want to do something,” Flores said. “And I'm here and I'm not there helping."

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