Lawmaker files bill requiring men to get wives' permission for erectile dysfunction meds


A Kentucky lawmaker filed a bill that would force men seeking erectile dysfunction medication to get their wives' permission.

Men would also need to attend two doctors' visits and swear on a bible they're married before a doctor can write the prescription.

Representative Mary Lou Marzian said the bill intends to counter the state's informed consent law. Kentucky's governor signed a bill last week requiring women to consult a doctor at least 24 hours before an abortion.

Marzian said her bill is receiving widespread support.

"We do not want government involved in personal, private medical matters," she said. I've had hundreds of emails from all over the country and all over Kentucky because women in Kentucky are now waking up Do you want the Kentucky legislature and the Governor Matt Bevin sitting in the exam room with you and your physician? No."

Marzian admits the bill has no chance of passing, but she said it's meant to draw attention to government involvement in medical matters.

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