Gas elusive as Hurricane Irma draws nearer


The quest for fuel in the shadow of a monster storm is very real in Florida.

CBS12 crews are in Sarasota and, for a bit, had been running on fumes.

The search for petrol began just outside city limits on I-75 Saturday afternoon.

A tanker truck full of fuel passed by but on the other side of the highway. Shucks.

The thirsty live truck took the next exit. The two gas stations right off the highway looked like ghost towns. Nobody home. Gas pumps wrapped in plastic-wrap.

Up ahead, hope, then disappointment.

A station set aside two running pumps but only for law enforcement vehicles. Three Sarasota County Sheriff deputies sat there getting their tanks topped off.

One more U-turn and it's back on the highway.

Next exit.

Another desert but this time a miracle at Beneva Road and Fruitville Road. The giant red truck pulled into the line of tiny cars. 10 minutes and $91 later, a full tank.

The gas station at the corner, for a moment, became the one to turn to.

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