Farmers protect crops as first freeze of the season moves through

Scott Brown of Dirt Brown Farm makes a transaction at the Chattanooga Market. (Image: WTVC)

With temperatures close to freezing for the first time this season, crops could be at risk for farmers in our area. How to protect farm grown foods was heavy on the minds of vendors at the Market.

Brown Dirt Farm already prepared for the cold snap.

"We're growing all cold weather stuff like lettuce and roots so we're all good with the cold," said Scott Brown. "As long as it wasn't like icing or snowing."

Owner of Brown Dirt Farm Scott Brown says they don't grow ahead of season to make sure they can sustain their crops. For now, Brown says he can deal with the weather.

"I thought it would be colder," said Brown. "I'm glad it's not."

Other farmers took more drastic precautions to save their plants and keep their goods at the market.

"We have a frost blanket, Agribon, that we put over that, and that will allow our crops to grow in six to eight degrees below freezing," said Ron Shaffer, who owns Red Clay farm in Bradley County.

Shaffer says they'll finish laying down the frost blanket Sunday night. Last year, he didn't have to do it this early in the season. But the effort is worth it for his organic farm.

"It enables us to grow year round," said Shaffer. "So we have stuff to sell throughout the year."

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