Carolina Panthers to play Sunday home game; Michael Jordan reacts to violent protests

A protester stands with his left arm extended and fist clenched in front of a line of police officers in Charlotte, N.C. on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016. Authorities used tear gas to disperse protesters in an overnight demonstration that broke out Tuesday after Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by an officer at an apartment complex. (Jeff Siner/The Charlotte Observer via AP)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - After two nights of violent protests, the Carolina Panthers are closely monitoring the situation leading up to Sunday's home game against the Minnesota Vikings.

In a statment, president Danny Morrison said, "We are in contact with government officials, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the NFL."

"We are in continuing to monitor events as we prepare for Sunday's home game."

Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old African-American man, was shot and killed Tuesday by a black police officer, sparking a violent protest early Wednesday morning about 15 miles from the team's stadium. More than a dozen police officers were injured during the protest. There also was vandalism to police vehicles and looting.

The NFL released a statement that the game was still scheduled, though they were also monitoring the events.

On Wednesday, the team's quarterback Cam Newton called the latest shooting, "embarassing," though he said he wouldn't rush to judgement until there was more information.

"My big thing is holding people accountable— no matter what the race, no matter what the gender is, no matter what the age is.," Newton said at his weekly news conference Wednesday.

Michael Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, released a statement Thursday, expressing condolences to the Scott family, calling for "peaceful demonstration and conversation, and in constructive and non-violent ways."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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