35 animals rescued from Tennessee home with dangerously high ammonia levels


An animal rescue group worked with Henderson County Sheriffs deputies Wednesday to save 35 animals living in neglectful conditions on a property southwest of Nashville.

All 35 of those animals are on their way from Luray, Tenn., to Animal Rescue Corps' emergency shelter in Lebanon for treatment.

According to the ARC, the organization received a tip after a horse was attacked by dogs and removed from the property. Law enforcement obtained a warrant and found 20 adult rottweilers and seven puppies, several small breed dogs, a cat and three birds.

The animals were found living between two homes on the property both with dangerously high ammonia levels. Deputies found animals running loose and confined to feces-covered kennels. A dead dog was also seen in a kennel with other living dogs.

Animal Rescue Corps said the animals were exhibiting signs of distress and deemed to be living in unsafe conditions in violation of Tennessee laws. All the animals were seized by the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

“We take animal abuse very seriously in Henderson County, and we will do everything we can to ensure animals are cared for in the appropriate way," said Investigator Danny Crownover with the HCSO. “We are grateful to have the help of Animal Rescue Corps on cases like this involving a large number of animals.”

ARC said each animal rescued will received veterinary care and be placed in a partner shelter. ARC will list the shelters and partners on it's Facebook page for people wishing to adopt the animals.

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