Xtreme Amateur Games targets non-traditional athletes

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LORANE, Ore. — The Xtreme Amateur Games hosted a stand-up paddle board competition at the Chateau Winery, part of a competition that is traveling all around the country to give non-traditional sport athletes a chance to show their talent.

The Xtreme amateur games focuses on skateboarding, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and other non-tradiational sports.

Created by Gabe Smith, he says there wasn’t anything like this for him growing up.

“Most importantly, I’m intentionally hoping to get their parents and their family to come down and support them, because I grew up surfing and let me tell you, nobody ever watched me go surfing — especially my parents,” said Smith.

There was multiple levels of competition, from beginners to professional stand up- paddle boarders.

Angela Jackson is in the women top 10 in the world, and she says she loves the accessibility of the sport.

"I guess it's just so accessible for everyone, it’s so easy you know. You just need a board and a paddle — a body of water, and you can do this anywhere,” said Jackson.

The next competition is for skateboards and scooters in Hillsboro next month.

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