Woman spends night in car as dozens of others abandon cars in SE Portland

Snow in Portland on Thursday, Dec. 15 (Photo by KATU's Jackie Labrecque)

For those who abandoned their cars, most found a place to sleep, but not Nikki Tooley.

Bundled up in a blanket, and toasty in her car, Nikki woke up around 7 a.m. Thursday in the driver's seat.

"Basically, I was on my way home from work and it took me 3 hours to get from Tualatin to here and my car wasn't going to make it, I don't have a lot of tread on my tires," Tooley said.

She couldn't find a hotel with any vacancy, so she slept in her car.

"I totally filled up before I left work yesterday, so I'm good there," Tooley said.

She was the only one we talked with who spent the night, but more than a dozen drivers abandoned their cars along SE Johnson Creek Boulevard right where it meets 205. People like Jeromy Knight who just gave up, knowing they'd never make the hill.

"It was just too slick too dangerous… don't try to go further and we went and pulled off and just walked up the hill," Knight said.

He came to dig out and needed a little help.

"It was adventurous and everything," Knight said. "My roommate had to abandon her car, too."

KATU also caught up with John Hiebert who walked to catch the bus back to work, after a really long commute home Wednesday.

"Long, 2 hours… I got home at quarter to 11," Hiebert says.

Prior to that, he got stuck in his work truck for six hours on I-5.

Tooley needed a little boost, so a KATU News crew was happy to lend some muscle to send her on her merry way back home to Vancouver.

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