With supplies down, PeaceHealth centers in Eugene keep close eye on saline inventory

(File image/SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Saline is in short supply across the country.

That's the fluid used in IV bags used for hydration and to administer medicine.

Most of the saline used in the US is produced in Puerto Rico, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, some of the production on the island shut down.

So the PeaceHealth medical centers in Eugene are keeping a close eye on inventory.

The chief operating officer says saline is a critical resource; they use it for hundreds of patients every day.

They check twice a week to make sure they have enough.

"We could stretch our current supply for three to six months to be able to weather the disruption that we're experiencing right now," says Robert Blake, COO of Sacred Heart Medical Center campuses.

PeaceHealth is able to share the supply within their network, so if one hospital is low, another can step in to help.

And because it’s such a large hospital, pharmacists there actually have the capability to compound additional saline, stretching the supply.

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