'Winter Slush' and how to drive safe in the conditions

'Winter Slush' and how to drive safe in the conditions

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Many people in Lane County woke up to a rain-slush mix and temperatures in the upper-twenties to low thirties.

With the potential for poor weather and hazardous road conditions, the Oregon State Police are reminding motorists of winter travel safety tips.

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Expect the Unexpected

Be informed and prepared when traveling on any of highway or roadway.

Plan Ahead

When traveling anywhere, take known routes if possible. The weather changes quickly, and sometimes without warning. For road conditions in Oregon, call 511, or (800) 977 ODOT (6368). Visit TripCheck.com for updated road and weather conditions, incidents and traffic delays and links to numerous cameras on many mountain passes and major routes.

Take Your Time

Take the time to keep up on current and future weather conditions in the area you are traveling, especially if going to, or through, higher elevations and mountain passes or areas where your vehicle needs to have appropriate traction tires or devices.

Contact Resources

If considering a remote route that you have never traveled on, don't hesitate to contact available road and weather condition phone numbers or internet resources, or contact police or highway department officials.

Have an Emergency Kit

Prepare an emergency kit to place in your car for longer trips and keep track of how much fuel is in your tank, especially if traveling unfamiliar routes or into remote locations.

Let Somebody Know

Let friends and family know what routes you plan to take when on a trip, keeping them updated and letting them know if these plans change.

Adapt to the Conditions

Drive to the conditions. If it's icy or wet, increase your following distance and reduce your speed. Use your headlights to improve not only your visibility, but also so others can see your vehicle.

No Cruise Control

Remember in bad weather, be it rain or snow, do not use Cruise Control.

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