Willamette High School lock down turns out to be a false alarm

Willamette High School

EUGENE, Ore. - What looked like a burglary at a home near Willamette High School turned out to be a false alarm, Eugene Police said.

But the school was placed under lockdown for 10 minutes while police investigated.

Students off campus at the time were not allowed back inside the building until the lockdown was lifted.

That's what happened to sophomore Megan Ebert, who left campus for lunch but couldn't return due to the lockdown, per school policy.

Ebert's mother, Alesha Highwood, said that policy concerned her - and that her daughter was never alerted that she could come back to school.

Highwood said she had to leave work to come pick her daughter up.

"I'm scared, I dont know what's going on, I have no reports from the school, I don't know if there's someone running around," Highwood said. "With all the shootings that have gone on, I don't know what to expect. I know that my daughter is unsafe and has nowhere poigniant to go, no one to make sure she makes it somewhere safe."

A Bethel School District official said it is not district policy to ask parents to come pick up their students. Most students off campus are rounded up by campus security after the lockdown.

"We have 1,500 kids at willamette high school," said Pat McGillivray with the district. "In a 10-minute period, we cannot account for everyone off campus. Some kids have off campus privileges, some have jobs they go to, some kids are coming back from lunch. We cannot account for every single student in that situation."

McGillivray said information about the lockdown was posted on its website and Facebook page while the lockdown was in effect.

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