Will schools open Friday? Many districts say 'No'

Trees came down on a house on E. 43rd Street in Eugene, east of Spencer Butte Middle School. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - After a storm coated the region in ice and high temperatures remained at or below freezing, some school districts made the call early Thursday to close for the day Friday.

As of 6 p.m., the Bethel School District in Eugene announced plans to remain closed Friday.

"Numerous branches, weakened by a layer of ice, continue to fall around Bethel schools creating hazardous conditions for students and staff, some of whom are still without power," a post on the district website said. "Many Bethel-area roads are impassable for Bethel school buses. And a number of staff remain unable to leave their neighborhoods due to downed trees and power lines."

For Bethel schools in West Eugene, classes won't resume until the New Year.

"The District eagerly anticipates the resumption of classes on Tuesday, January 3," the website says.

In Benton County, schools in Corvallis and Philomath plan to remain closed Friday.

In Linn County, Greater Albany and Lebanon schools also announced Thursday that they would remain closed Friday.

School districts generally wait to assess conditions early in the morning.

But the weather Thursday, while generally dry, did little to ease the storm's icy grip on the region.

Hundreds of trees came down across the region, and thousands of households remained without power Thursday night.

UPDATE | Current List of School Closures & Delays

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