Will schools open even if snow sticks around?

Kids enjoyed the snow day January 4, 2017. (Via

EUGENE, Ore. - Will there be school on Thursday?

Snow blanketed Western Oregon on Wednesday, January 4, closing schools from the coast to the Cascades.

And with temperatures forecast to remain at or below freezing through at least Friday, will schools open Thursday? Friday?

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For students in Eugene 4J School District, the snow meant the winter break that started early thanks to an ice storm would continue thanks to a snow storm.

Eugene 4J and students in some other school districts missed a day earlier in December due to the threat of snow and ice, although that weather gave way to rain.

Local school districts had already started making plans to make up those 3 December days before the January snow canceled classes.

On Wednesday evening, some school districts - Coos Bay, Roseburg, Langlois, Powers and Siuslaw were the first - announced plans to start late or use snow routes.

The largest local districts - Eugene, Springfield and Bethel - all aim to inform students and staff of closures by 6 or 6:30 a.m. the day of.


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