Wild bald eagles move in near Oregon Zoo eagle habitat


PORTLAND, Ore. – A pair of wild bald eagles has been hanging out with the captive eagles at the Oregon Zoo.

According to the Oregon Zoo, visitors have been noticing the two bald eagles perching among the tall Douglas firs in the zoo’s thickly forested Great Northwest area.

“They’ve been very visible and are making a lot of noise,” said zoo curator Tanya Paul. “They’re acting as though they nested here or somewhere nearby, which is exciting because we haven’t seen eagles nest this close to the zoo before.”

Zoo officials estimate the eagles are at least four or five years old.

Paul suspects the couple is caring for a recently fledge juvenile eagle they’ve also seen nearby.

“These birds are talking a lot,” she said. “And they have definitely perched in places where they can see Jack and Reetah, the two bald eagles in our Eagle Canyon habitat.”

Jack and Reetah are rescue birds with injuries. They cannot survive in the wild, according to the zoo.

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