'Why would we study for a future that is not being protected?'

    Students in Eugene join national march to defend the climate (SBG)

    EUGENE, Ore. - Friday, Eugene joined over 1,500 other cities in a movement demanding climate action from our lawmakers.

    Students at South Eugene High School left campus and headed for the Federal Courthouse with a message.

    They're taking part in the school strike for climate, a global movement started by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg.

    "I think leaving school is important, it shows that we are giving up something for something that we find extremely important,” said Collen Swafford-Steffensen.

    Collen Swafford-Steffensen is a South Eugene High student who helped organize the local rally. He says it's aimed at lawmakers - letting them know that the nations youth are concerned for the environment and calling on them to enact legislation that protects it.

    “People hear adults speaking all the time, it's special when youth come out and speak,” said Swafford-Steffensen.

    While high school students organized the strike, students of all ages from college to elementary joined in.

    The South Eugene High students are expecting unexcused absences due to the strike, but Swafford-Steffensen says they left for a good reason

    "Why would we study for a future that is not being protected,” he said.

    They may not have a lot of years under their belts, but these young activists have a lot of passion for the environment.

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