Whiteaker Community Market officially open for business

The Whiteaker Community Market officially opens for business in Eugene, May 6, 2018.

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Saturday Market is up and running in downtown Eugene and now the Whiteaker Community Market is officially open for business.

The market is all about bringing the Whiteaker neighborhood together through arts, medicines and food.

It’s only the third year being open, but it’s already made a big impact in a few peoples’ lives.

Rachel London is a vendor at the Whiteaker Community Market selling aromatherapy products.

“This was my first market. The Saturday Market is great, but I felt like this was my community,” London says.

She quit her day job last year to pursue her own business called Topsy Blends after she healed her constant stomachache with oils.

“I had been to doctors; I was trying diets everything, and it just wasn't working,” London says.

Once she discovered oils and aromatherapy could cure day-to-day ailments, she used the market to kick-start her business.

“Since I was already familiar and lived here, I feel like it was the perfect place for me to like branch out and actually help my community with what I had to offer,” London says.

London is just one of two dozen vendors at the market with local produce, arts and crafts, free yoga classes and music being the staples.

“Us organizers all live in the neighborhood, and we have for quite some time,” Market Manager Claire Schechtman says. “We were feeling like the neighborhood needed a gathering place for neighbors to come together and interact.”

Forming the Whiteaker Community Market just three years ago.

“Everybody here has supported me and it seems like such a good community,” London says.

The Whiteaker Community Market is open every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until the end of September at Second and Van Buren Street.

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