What's new at the Lane County Fair?

Residents enjoy the last day of the Lane County Fair on July 23rd, 2017, at Lane County Fair in Eugene, Ore. (SBG)

LANE COUNTY, Ore. - The Lane County Fair starts on Wednesday, and staff workers are busy putting the finishing touches on before they open the gates to the public.

Staff workers have less than 24 hours to make sure that the fairgrounds are ready to go by Wednesday morning. It's been a busy few days as they continue to assemble rides, booths and stocking the food carts for visitors to come and have fun.

Assistant Fair Manager, Rachel Bivens, says that set up is different every year. This year, staff arrived a week earlier than normal to set up tens and part of the carnival, making sure they had enough time to add finishing touches if need be.

"Every year we change a little bit," said Bivens. "We change the lay out, we add some new tents, we add new vendors, we added a few more shade tents just because we know that the sun is going to be blazing this year."

Bivens says to make sure to check to some of their new additions, including a beer tent, new rides and new performances of the main stage.

If you want to save some money, Tuesday is your last chance to go to your local Lane County Bi-Mart and purchase season passes for $20. After Tuesday night, they go up to $30.

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