'We're one storm away': Ski areas still waiting for more snow

Hoodoo still needs 16 inches more of snow; they hope to open during winter break. Photo by Audrey Weil.

HOODOO SKI AREA, Ore. -- November snow in the mountains was just a tease; now it's mid-December and ski resorts are still desperate for more.

"We're waiting on one more big storm. We're one storm away," Hoodoo Office Manager Julie Klemz said.

The mountain's halfway there: 16 inches so far, and in need of 16 more.

Hoodoo doesn't make its own snow due to the expense and likelihood of rain washing it away, so it really is up to Mother Nature.

"As soon as we can, we're ready to be open, and we're ready for a great season," Klemz said.

They're hoping to open during winter break which for most kids starts next week.

"That is kind of our big money maker. There's a lot of activity a lot of events and that's when we want to be open and when we look forward to being open," Klemz said.

That's when the runs and lifts usually fill with about a thousand people a day.

"We had a record year last year with people so everyone's super excited, our parking lot is full for RV parking and it's going to be a great year as long as we can get some snow," she said.

It's just a matter of if and when that one more big storm hits.

For information on season passes and latest mountain conditions, go to Hoodoo Ski Area.

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