'We responded immediately': Bomb threat closes part of UO Campus

UO Police: Bomb threat at Agate Hall; avoid area 'until further notice'

EUGENE, Ore. - Parts of the University of Oregon campus were closed after a bomb threat forced students and faculty to evacuate Agate Hall.

Officials say a bomb threat is now clear and Agate Street is back open, but officials with UOPD say Agate Hall will remain closed for the rest of the night.

However, security at the University tells us that they are working on-call through Tuesday night to allow those who were in the building to retrieve their belongings.

Around 2:30 p.m., Eugene Police say they received a call of a bomb threat at Agate Hall, and they immediately notified the UOPD.

"We responded immediately," said Matthew Carmichael, Chief of Police at the University of Oregon. "We were able to secure the scene pretty quickly, able to evacuate a couple hundred students and staff who were inside the facility to across the street."

Rachel Ramirez was working as a receptionist at Agate Hall, and was one of the first people inside the building that heard what the evacuation was for.

"It was really hard for me because I wanted to keep a good representation and have everyone feel safe around me, but it was pretty hard because I've never been through anything like that before," said Ramirez.

Agate street was closed from 15th to 18th avenue for about an hour and a half. The UOPD partnered with the Eugene Police and Eugene's Bomb Squad to search the building, but police say that no device was found.

Recently, the UOPD received funding for a bomb sniffing dog, something that UOPD Chielf Carmichael says they are working to finalize and put to use in a situation like this.

"It's an excellent example why most universities are leaning towards or are implementing bomb detection dogs on their campuses," said Carmichael.

Carmichael says the department is still a few months away from getting that K-9 just yet, but for now, he's happy with each department's preparedness for situations like this.

"This is a good example of a city and university collaboration," said Carmichael. "This is an example of how we're working together to support our students."

Police did not say who called in the bomb threat to the EPD, and they say they do not know who is responsible for the threat at this time.

They ask that anyone with information to contact the University of Oregon Police Department.

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