Wanted man arrested playing in ultimate frisbee tourney in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. -- One of Ulster County, New York's most wanted fugitives was arrested Sunday at an ultimate frisbee tournament near Amazon Park in South Eugene.

Jahson Marryshow, 31, was wanted for an armed bank robbery in Ulster County back in 2010, Eugene Police said. During his escape, Marryshow reportedly stole a car and burned down a barn.

He managed to get away from pursuing officers and hasn't been seen since.

That is, until local law enforcement got a tip that Marryshow was now calling Eugene home.

The Eugene Police Department Street Crimes Team and the US Marshal's Service worked together to find out where Marryshow had been staying. They believe Marryshow was in Eugene for at least a year using his real name, working as a landscaper.

"We decided to do it there (because) we knew if he was playing in the game he would very likely unarmed, as so we decided it would be the safest avenue," said Sgt. Wayne Dorman with the Eugene Police Street Crimes Team.

"He took a step, like he was initially going to run. But I think he saw how many people were there and he gave up," Sgt. Dorman said.

Officers arrested Marryshow at around 5 p.m. Sunday while he was playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament in the field near E 24th Avenue and Hilyard Street.

Eugene Police said he made no attempt to escape, and he's being held in the Lane County Jail as a fugitive from justice.

According to officials, there's no indication he was involved in any local crimes.

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