UO student film portrays campus shooting: 'Gun violence is out of hand'

A scene from "Numb in America" shows police tape outside a University of Oregon building as part of a dramatization depicting a campus shooting.

EUGENE, Ore. - The video "Numb in America" re-enacts a shooting on a school campus.

The project by 6 University of Oregon students was filmed last week.

The students behind the film aim to spark a conversation about violence on campus, inspired by the October 1 shooting on the Umpqua Community College campus.

"I think it's really important that we start recognize that communities in Oregon are extremely important and when a campus shooting like this happens, it's even more important that campus communities come together and stay strong and stay close," said Sutton Raphael, one of the video's creators.

Posted on YouTube Tuesday, the video has generated a few thousands views. The film's narration is borrowed from a speech given by President Barack Obama.

Sutton said it has become common for his fellow students to talk about school shootings, even where they would go to hide if a gunman did open fire.

"I want kids to look at this and realize that gun violence is out of hand and we as a youth and we as a generation have that power to stop this," said Tevin Tavares, one of the lead actors in the film.

The video ends quoting a statistic that more mass shootings have happened in the year 2015 than there are days in a year.

The creators said they hope the video will inspire people to not be numb to gun violence and instead to help each other in the fight against it.

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