UO shares more details on Knight Campus 'It's to add and expand our overall capacity'

The vision: to create the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. The billion dollar initiative - the University is at work to raise the rest of the money - calls for three new, state-of-the-art science buildings on the north side of Frankliln Boulevard and a sky bridge connecting to the existing science complex. (Courtesy University of Oregon)

EUGENE, Ore. – Last week, the University of Oregon announced a $500 million donation from the Knight family to fund a new science campus.

University officials took questions about the plans Wednesday.

One question concerned the need for more funding to finish the project.

While the University of Oregon is hoping for state grants, the executive director said there are “no strings attached” to the Knights’ donation.

So no matter how much more money the university gets, he said there will be a new science building.

“So the overall intent, we're doing something new for the University of Oregon that we haven't done before. But it's to add and expand our overall capacity,” said Patrick Phillips, executive director of the Knight Campus.

Most aspects of the project are still in the planning stage, such as the building’s effect on Franklin Boulevard.

Phillips said ideally, they’ll break ground on the campus in one year.

The UO will hold another public session about that new campus at the end of November.

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