University of Oregon deals with increasing demand for counselors

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EUGENE, Ore. -- The University of Oregon says it's experienced the highest volume ever of students asking to meet with counselors.

Maddie Johnston, a full-time student at the university, said she tried to make an appointment with the counseling center, but none were available.

“I was hoping to find somebody on campus that I could talk to. But, yeah, school is pretty stressful,” Johnston said.

Johnston said she has anxiety and had to find other outlets to channel her stress and anxiety.

The UO hired five extra counselors this year to try and meet the needs of the students.

Some students were waiting for services for a few days or even a week.

Now, the university proposed a $7 increase to Student Health fees to create additional resources for students in the counseling center.

“I would love it if a student didn't even have to wait a day,” said Roger Thompson with the University Student Services in response to wait times students were experiencing to speak with a counselor.

The university will vote on the increased fee proposal in March.

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