Uncle of man in police standoff no longer under eviction notice

Gary Nielsen received an eviction notice just hours after his nephew, Roger Craig Nielsen, was shot and killed. Photo by Audrey Weil.

EUGENE, Ore. - Gary Nielsen was served eviction papers on Tuesday afternoon, hours removed from his nephew holding him hostage at gun-point before being shot dead outside his apartment by police.

On Saturday, Nielsen revealed that the eviction has been reversed by the company, Umbrella Properties.

Nielsen could not find the eviction reversal paperwork, but did say that he was no longer under an eviction notice.

Despite the reversal, Nielsen says that he is still upset about the way he was treated by Umbrella Properties.

"I don't think they could evict me under any grounds, unless they come up with another 'off-the-wall' dang thing," said Nielsen.

Umbrella Properties was unable to be reached because they are closed on Saturdays.

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