#UmpquaCares campaign promotes acts of kindness 1 year after shooting

The #UmpquaCares campaign hopes to honor the UCC shooting victims by spreading acts of kindness in the Roseburg community.

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Wednesday, Umpqua Community College will kick off a new social media campaign called Umpqua Cares. The school hopes to promote acts of kindness as the community remembers the horrific shooting that occurred a year ago, October 1.

Many people in the Roseburg community remember where they were on October 1 when they heard the news about the shooting.

Anne Marie Levis said she heard the news from an employee and graduate of Umpqua Community College about 10 minutes after it happened.

Over the past year, she’s been working on an idea in hopes of lifting the community during a difficult time.

She came up with a social media campaign designed to inspire people to pay it forward using #UmpquaCares.

“We’re a very resilient community,” Levis said.

Through social media, she hopes to see people helping the homeless or writing letters to someone impactful.

“Ignore negative thoughts, you know, smile at strangers, donate clothes,” she suggested.

The options are endless.

“I think that people do great things every day. But, to have it really intentionally be about remembering the people at UCC would be a great thing,” Levis said.

When something positive happens to you, try to pass the deed on to another person. Then, post your act of kindness online using #UmpquaCares to get other people to join in.

“People love to spread good news. You know there's so much that is negative and so much that is, you know, kind of, makes you feel beleaguered. Having something that you can do positive -- even if you never knew anyone at UCC -- you can still contribute back to the positivity to lift up the college,” Levis said.

The Umpqua Cares campaign officially begins Wednesday, September 28. It will run through the month of October.

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